Ruby / Mechanize Cheat Sheet

Posted by Tobi Thu, 04 Feb 2010 23:00:00 GMT

For a recent article, I've created a Cheat Sheet for Ruby / Mechanize.

You can download it here:

  • Version 2010-01-30 - svg pdf

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  1. Chris Michael said about 1 month later:

    I came across your excellent mechanize/nokogiri cheatsheet today and wished I had found it earlier.

    How is it possible for you to get a link on the mechanize documentation for your cheatsheet? Such a link would saved me much aggravation and time.

    One suggestion, in "Accessing Page Elements" could you make the # (comment) lines longer and include more examples. I'm just learning RegEx and some additional examples certainly would be helpful.

    Vielen Danke fuer solche ausgezeichnetes Papier.


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