The VDR Menuorg Plug-in

The Menuorg plug-in for VDR allows you to reorganize VDR's main menu. System menu items and plug-in main menu entries can be rearranged and organized into sub menus. Additionally it allows you to create custom menu items for starting external shell commands.

The Menuorg plug-in was developed to replace the Submenu plug-in, which not seems to be supported anymore. The XML configuration file format was borrowed from the Setup plugin. Nevertheless Menuorg has completely been built from scratch.

Menuorg requires VDR to be modified with the enclosed patch. In contrast to the Submenu and Setup plug-ins, this patch is far less intrusive. The patch was explicitly designed, to be ABI neutral. This means, applying it, does not make VDR binary imcomaptible to other plug-ins, so there's no need to recompile all plug-ins.

History and Downloads

Version 0.4.4 - Fixed GCC4.3 FTBFS

Version 0.4.3 - Updated Italian translation by Diego Pierotto

Version 0.4.2 - Separator items now don't have a hotkey (number) in the OSD menu anymore (requires the patch to be updated once more) - Added French translation by NIVAL Michaƫl

Version 0.4.1 - Fixed small bug caused by hidden menu entries

Version 0.4 - Added optional title attribute for system and plugin menu items, which allows the displayed text to be changed - Added a Seperator Item - Now an empty submenu can exist - Now VDR >= 1.5.18 is required - When leaving a submenu, the cursor is now positioned on the submenu entry - The custom menu can now be enabled/disabled in the plug-in's setup - If the timestamp of the menuorg.xml changes, it will be reloaded when opening the root menu

Version 0.3.2 - Added Italian translation from the Italian VDR Community

Version 0.3.1 - Applied I18N-Patch from Thomas Guenther for VDR 1.5.12 - Fixed Problem with hidden plug-in menu entries or plug-ins without a main menu item

Version 0.3 - Fixed charset conversion for menu titles. They will now explicitly be converted to VDR's locale charset falling back to ISO8859-2 on conversion errors.

Version 0.2 - Small bug fix release because of issues with the Burn plug-in

Version 0.1 - First release




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